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How to clean the engine bay

Why Clean the Engine Bay

Keeping the engine bay clean serves to not only look good when showing mates what you’ve got under the hood but also ensure peak mechanical performance.

Over time, grease and gunk can build up around the engine and the surrounds. This has the potential of causing unnecessary heat under the hood. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to degrease the engine bay on a regular basis.

This tutorial will show you how to degrease the engine bay while taking care of sensitive electrical equipment. First, you will need to gather the following supplies: degreaser, microfibre cloths, gloves, and goggles. Follow the steps below to achieve professional results.

How to clean an engine bay in your vehicle

How to degrease engine

Before beginning, it is important to take the time and care to ensure all-electric equipment is covered. Grease and oil are one of the most time-consuming things to clean on a car. So if this is the first degreasing of the engine and engine bay in a while, it may take a second effort to get the best results.

  1. Cover all electric and electronic equipment. This includes alarms, fuse boxes and ECU’s. Protect using a variety of materials including plastic bags, cling film and water-repellant oil such as AutoSmart Mechoil.

  2. Wet down the wings and grill with clean cold water. This will help prevent chemicals from drying on them.

  3. Spray on TW39 using a sprayer. Spray all parts that you will be cleaning, starting with the parts that are the lowest. Clean the underside of the bonnet last to avoid being dripped on.

    When spraying the bonnet, avoid over-spraying the sound insulation

  4. Allow the TW39 to dwell, and agitate with a stiff brush if necessary.

  5. Rinse off using a pressure cleaner. Always use cool water to avoid steam getting into the electronics. Turn down the pressure washer to reduce steam or mist.

    Rinse from top to bottom, with the bonnet and wings tops first then move down into the engine bay

  6. Present a clean engine

    Finish off by spraying the area with Armourglow. Close the bonnet and allow it to dry.