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Give your car the best car chamois dry

A chamois cloth is a car detailing tool that dries your car for a spot-free finish. A chamois gives your car a professional touch, highlighting your car’s shiny paintwork. Whichever methods of washing you use you will need to dry the car off. Leaving a car to dip dry causes spotting and run marks which can prove difficult to remove. Below we outline our advice for using a chamois or drying towel:

How to use a car chamois for the best car dry with a spotless finish

Techniques for using a car chamois or drying towel

Whichever type of chamois you use follow this simple advice:

  • Use the drying towel as openly as possible to get the most surface area to the paintwork.
  • Drag an open drying towel over flat surfaces to pull off water.
  • Keep wringing and going over the same piece until dry.
  • Slam the doors to drive out as much water as possible.
  • Pay special attention to door mirrors and other water traps.
  • If available use an airline to blow water out of traps.
  • Wipe over the inside of the windows to remove heavy soiling.
  • Use the chamois to dry and clean the boot, bonnet and door shuts.
  • Use more than one drying towel in rotation – keep a new one for paintwork and an old one for shuts, etc.