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7 Simple steps to the ultimate car polish


How to prep before polishing

Deep surface clean with Autosmarts new deep surface paint cleaner.

  • rinse car
  • apply deep surface paint pre via either snow foamer or clean soft sponge with bucket
  • if you have small contaminates on the surface use a clay cloth in circular motion.
  • Once applied work the product into the surface
  • Hose off completely
  • Hydraflex blade dry or Perforatted Chamois to dry and prevent water spots appearing.
  • Once dry – have a look at the surface and check for swirl marks, dullness or marks
  • Your surface should appear glossy and clean if it is dull – repeat the first step.
  • To remove swirl marks apply mirror image microfibre cloth – circular motion. Allow to haze. Use fresh microfibre cloth to remove residue