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4 Guaranteed ways for the ultimate car leather clean.

Leather car seats are an asset to any car, only as long as they look clean and cared for. Unfortunately ingrained dirt, mould and perspiration will make your leather seats look aged and will also quickly devalue your car.

The secret to achieving the ultimate car leather clean begins with a good vacuum, a thorough clean then a leather supplement to nourish and feed the leather.

Vacuum leather car seats regularly

Alternate between using a brush attachment and the thin, long crevice tool to give your leather car seats a regular vacuum. This will help to prevent ingrain dirt marks and scratches from left over grit sitting on the surface and in between the car seat creases.

Vacuuming leather car seats will also pick up bits of food crumbs that may grow mould if left in between the crevices.

Cleaning perforated leather seats.

Perforated car leather seats are extremely luxurious, and serve the purpose of allowing cool and warm air to ventilate through the seats.

  1. Vacuum dust and debris

    Using narrow crevice tool attachment, gentle suck up all the dirt, sand and dust in the creases and around the seams in your leather seats

  2. Dampen a Soft Round Detailer’s Brush

    Dampen a soft, round detailer’s brush with Leather Cleaner. Clean the perforated leather by swirling the brush over the holes to create a mild lather. The aim is to clean without dampening the leather too much

  3. Wipe dry

    Using a soft, dry microfibre cloth wipe off the leather cleaner. Keep car doors open to ensure the seats fully dry out

  4. Add Leather Conditioner

    To keep the leather in top condition, add the AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenator. This will restore oils and keep leather supple

Follow our steps for a guaranteed best leather clean.

How to Clean Heavily soiled leather

please note: this is not a leather clean we recommend unless leather is heavily soiled

If your car leather is terribly dirty then you need a stronger clean. Your leather seats may get to this point if there has been long gaps between cleans, or if your car has been closed up for some time and showing signs of mildew.

Spray the soiled leather with AutoSmart G101 Expresss to aid in removal of marks. Similar to shampoos and detergents this will remove the soiling but also take out natural oils from the leather. As such, you must feed the leather to keep it subtle and soft again. Do not just spray and remove the soiling without feeding as this may lead to the leather becoming dry and potentially cause premature cracking.

Complete the clean by apply AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate

Autosmart leather condition. Leather care supplement for cars and lounges

Feed the leather

In addition to periodically vacuuming and cleaning your leather car seats you also need to feed the leather to keep it in top shape. Our specialised leather conditioner replenishes lost oils to rejuvenate old leather and to also protect new leather.

To use Leather Rejuvenate vacuum the seats and then clean with a specialised leather cleaner. Then, spray Leather Rejuvenator onto the surface and wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Over the next few hours the leather supplement will absorb into the surface to restore oils. To finish, buff the seats over with a cloth to remove any excess.

If you have used method for cleaning heavily soiled leather, or if it has been many years since a leather condition then you should repeat the leather conditioning process to ensure best results.