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Top 8 Things to NEVER Keep in the Glove Box

The glove box is a handy place to keep lots of things. However, in the case of car theft, where do you think the thieves will look first? So with that in mind, it is important that you do not keep the items below in the glove box for your own security. Apart from thieves, you could be inviting bacteria, bugs, ants and insects into your car. So here are our Top 8 Things to NEVER Keep in the Glove Box!

1. Spare Keys

Thieves know that a lot of people hide a spare key somewhere in or around their car. The most common places are under the mats, on a fake rock by the front door, or even in the glove box! If you have a spare key for your car, don’t make it too easy for thieves by keeping it in the glove box. Instead, give it to a trusted friend or family member who can keep it safe for you.

2. Your Car Registration

Your car registration documents should never be kept in the glove box. If you’re pulled over or get into an accident, police will need to identification such as your licence. The police will easily be able to verify your car registration via computer.

However, if your car is stolen, thieves now have your name, address, and phone number which puts you at risk for identity theft. Keep your registration in a safe place at home such as a filing cabinet or fire safe security lock box.

3. Garage Door Opener

If you have a garage door opener in your glove box, and your registration is in the glove box with it, thieves now have your home address.

This is obviously not something you want thieves to have! Not to mention, if they can get into your garage they now have access to all of your belongings and could easily break into your home as well. So store your garage door opener somewhere safe, out of sight and have no printed documents near it advising of your address.

4. Jewellery and Electronics

It’s a good idea to store valuables like Jewellery and electronics out of sight if you don’t plan to take them with you. But that doesn’t make them safe in your glove compartment. And there are some very good reasons Jewellery and Electronic devices are in our Top 8 Things to NEVER Keep in the Glove Box!

Remember the glove box gets hot. Electronics and devices with batteries in a glove box are a bad idea. Batteries can leak or explode depending in the heat. A mobile phone, iPad or tablet sitting in the glove box on a hot day is not a good idea. The heat can damage the device by causing the battery to leak or explode.

And on a final note for this point, many insurers do not cover you for loose items in the car unless they are specified on the insurance policy. So if you must keep items in the glove box, make sure they are specified on your insurance policy.

Top 8 Things to NEVER Keep in the Glove Box!

5. Important Documents

You should never keep important documents like your birth certificate or other identification documents such as your workplace security pass etc in the glove box just in case your car is broken into or stolen. These documents should be kept in a safe place at home where they can’t be easily accessed by thieves. The only exception to this rule is if you’re travelling and need to keep your passport accessible. In that case, make sure to keep it hidden away so thieves can’t find it easily.

6. Extra Credit Cards

If you have extra credit cards that you don’t use very often, it’s best to leave them at home rather than keeping them in the glove box where they could fall into the wrong hands. Thieves know that people often hide spare credit cards somewhere inside their cars so they’ll be sure to check the glove box first!

7. Gum & mints

Who doesn’t love having a refreshing piece of gum or mint after eating lunch? But did you know that gum and mint wrappers are one of the most common pieces of litter left behind by drivers? But if you use your glove box for storing wrappers or opened mint packets etc you run the risk of also attracting bugs, roaches as well as ants.

So instead of leaving wrappers all over your car, throw them away when you’re done with them or better yet, bring along a reusable container to store them in until you find a trash can . . . just make sure it’s not one that smells like food! That will only attract more pests! And speaking of food . . .

8 Receipts and Tax Invoices

Keep receipts out of the glove box. That’s a field day for identity thieves. Receipts can contain all kinds of personal information: your name, address, email address, and sometimes even your credit card number. Keep your receipts at home instead.

Another reason to keep receipts out of the glove box is that most are printed on thermal paper which discolours and goes black after exposure to heat. And, as previously mentioned, the glove box gets hot. So protect your receipts by storing them in a better location. By taking a few simple precautions, you can help safeguard your personal information and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Conclusion: Top items not to store in your glove box!

Although not in our Top 8 Things to NEVER Keep in the Glove Box, you should consider the following items as well: Old or Current Drivers licence, Chequebook, Wallet or Purse, and batteries. Additionally, if you carry spare business cards in your car with you for work, best not to leave the office key in the car with the location of the business for intruders to find.

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