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The best products for leather car seats

Prevent leather damage to your car seats by using quality leather cleaners and conditioners. Regular care will ensure that your leather remains supply, retaining its new-car look for many years to come.

Upgrading to leather seats gives your car interior a plush and luxurious appearance. However, leather that has not been maintained will give your vehicle a worn-out look, aging it beyond its years.

Choose specialised leather products

Leather cleaners and conditioners contain just the right amount of cleaning agent to give you a spotless finish, without further drying out the leather. Regular cleaners will strip your leather upholstery of its natural oils making it dry and brittle, and subject to cracking.

Specialist Leather Cleaner by AutoSmart

A gentle leather cleaner that replenishes oils as you wipe down your car seats. If your leather is looking worn, or not as supply as it used to then you should apply a further conditioning treatment to nourish the upholstery and restore its softness.

Leather Conditioner by AutoSmart

Restore your leather upholstery back to its original suplleness with AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate. This product is ideal to protect new leather and restore old leather. An absolute must for shielding against harmful UV rays, heat and moisture loss.

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