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Wheel Drill Brush


Give your wheels and express clean with the AutoSmart Wheel Drill Brush

  • Attaches to your cordless drill
  • Conical shaping
  • Helps remove hard to lift grease and grime
  • Choice product for professional car detailers


Let your drill do all the hard elbow work with the AutoSmart Wheel Drill Brush. This nifty cleaning tool attaches to your drill, the rotating bristles get in and give your car wheels the ultimate clean

About the Wheel Drill Brush

  • Size: 8.5cm diam
  • Suitable for cleaning wheels
  • Attaches quickly to your cordless drill
  • Rotating cleaning action ensures bristles clean away years of built-up grime

We recommend using in conjunction with our Red 7 Wheel Cleaner

Clean and Polish Wheels

Step by Step handy guide:

  1. Spray painted and alloy wheels with Red 7 Wheel Cleaner
  2. Allow it to turn Red it to work its magic.
  3. Remove grime, dirt and brake fallout with this Wheel Drill Brush
  4. Rinse with water and inspect. If required repeat steps 1 and 2 in places missed
  5. Dry with a microfibre cloth
  6. Spray-on Liquid Golden Touch polish
  7. Use the Foam Wheel Drill Polisher to polish your wheels to an ultimate shine.

Autosmart is the number one name in professional car protection and detailing. Trust the brand preferred by Professional Car Detailers Australia Wide.



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Drill Brush, Wheel Drill Brush

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