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Rapid Ceramic Coat Snow Foam Cannon Kit


Treat your car to the ultimate professional treatment with the Ceramic Snow Foam Cannon Kit 5pc



The AutoSmart Ceramic Snow Foam Cannon Kit gives your car a superior clean and long-lasting protective ceramic shine.

Fast Cleaning Action

Looking to give your car the lasting ceramic paint protection without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Rapid Ceramic Coat Snow Foam Cannon Kit! Our exclusive Rapid Ceramic Coat is best applied without high pressure.

This easy-to-use kit attaches quickly to your garden hose, giving you a powerful foaming treatment with just the press of a button. The garden hose sprayer attachment is specifically made to apply our new professional Rapid Ceramic Coat, which provides long-lasting protection against water spots, dirt, and grime. So why wait? Get your car looking brand new today with the Rapid Ceramic Coat Snow Foam Cannon Kit!

Depending on conditions and the housing of your vehicle, this product will offer you between 6 – 12 months of hydrophobic protection for your paint surface.

What you get in the Ceramic Snow Foam Cannon Kit:

How to apply:


Clean the car:

  1.  Attach the snow foam cannon to your garden hose.
  2. Use the measuring bottle and add the prescribed ratio of Snow Foam Pro and water. Important to remember Snow Foam pro is concentrated and should be diluted.
  3. Apply snow foam in a shady position.
  4. Use a bucket and noodle wash pad to wash your vehicle.
  5. Do not dry the vehicle

Apply Rapid Ceramic Coat:

  1. While the vehicle is still wet use the snow foam cannon to spray onto the paintwork (if using a pressure washer spray on with low pressure)
  2. Avoid applying directly onto your windscreen
  3. Allow two minutes for the solution to bond with your paintwork
  4. Do not allow to dry
  5. Rinse with clean water (rinse with a hose, not a pressure blaster)
  6. Dry vehicle with the premium microfibre drying towel
  7. For best results, buff to a high shine using a microfibre cloth

Amazing value:

Autosmart is the name trusted by Car Detail Professionals Australia Wide. Not only do we offer the best in car cleaning and detailing products but we also offer amazing value. Our Ceramic Snow Foam Cannon Kit exclusive to our website will give you 6 – 12 months of Ceramic paint protection depending on conditions.

Garden Hose Snow Foam Cannon: This snow foam cannon provides you quick and easy set-up. All you need is a garden hose – no pressure washer required!

Aquaseal Rapid Ceramic SIO2 1 litre: Aquaseal Rapid Ceramic is a game changer in car paint protection

  • Fast Shine and Protection
  • Contains ceramic SIO2
  • Foam on using Snow Foam Cannon
  • Hydrophobic water repellent polymers
  • Size: 1 litre

Snow Foam Professional 1 litre: Lift dirt and grime with ease with our favourite snow foam car cleaning product

  • Fastest and safest way to clean your car
  • pH neutral formulation
  • The ultimate car cleaning shampoo
  • High cling formulation

2 in 1 Noodle wash pad: Soft and gentle microfibre noodles clean your paintwork lifting dirt and grime with ease. Non-abrasive car cleaner

Premium Microfibre Towel: Use this premium 840gsm towel for cleaning, drying, dusting and buffing. Double-sided

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Car Wash Shampoo, Ceramic Sealant, Snow Foam Cannon

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