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How to take care of your cars windscreen and windows

A good car owner takes care of every part of his/her car and not just certain parts. Two of the most important parts of your car are your windows and the windscreen which needs to be well maintained as clear visibility is key while driving.

Neglecting the maintenance of these parts of your car can only lead to more expenses and the need for your repair or replacement of the same since a poor window or windscreen compromises on passenger’s safety.

All the extra expense and hassle can be easily avoided with good maintenance and here are a few tips to help you do so:

Parking in a safe space:

Just as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry; it is always better to protect your car from damage than to fix it.

  • Parking in a safe environment is a must to avoid damage.
  • Parking away from buildings can help avoid numerous objects thrown from windows landing on your car.
  • Parking away from trees can avoid having to clean off bird droppings from your car and windscreen glass. It can also help prevent any heavy fruit from falling on your car.

Maintaining safe distance from other vehicles while driving:

Driving too close to another vehicle can lead to chippings and cracks in your windscreen due to the flying debris of the vehicle in front of you which is why it is best to maintain a good distance from the vehicle in front of you to avoid the same. It can also help prevent any damage to your windscreen or windows if any object is thrown out of the windows of the vehicle ahead.

Maintain your windscreen wipers:

Needless to say the wipers of the windscreen need to be in a good condition to ensure that the windscreen remains in good condition too.

A damaged windscreen glass wiper can only lead to deep scratches on the glass on your windscreen leaving it damaged. It is essential to ensure that your windscreen wipers are always in good condition especially before starting a journey.

A good rule of thumb would be to use the wipers only when the windscreen is wet and never when it is dry. One can even add a little bit of shampoo or soap into the windscreen washer fluid to ensure that the wipers have a smoother surface with less friction.

Using good quality glass cleaner:

Using a good quality glass cleaner is essential to maintain the glass of your car’s windows and windscreen. Glass cleaners that have harsh chemicals, ammonia or alcohol ingredients must be avoided.

Eco friendly glass cleaners are a good way to go to ensure that you are not neglecting your health by inhaling toxic gases while cleaning your cars windows and windscreens. Auto glass cleaners do not leave any residue nor damage the windshield and are a smart choice.

Here are two great options of glass cleaners to use:

  • AutoSmart Smart Glass is a sprayable glass cleaner of top quality and helps clean your car’s windscreens and windows fast without leaving any streaks due to it’s advanced formula that helps leave your glass sparkling clean. It is also ammonia free and safe to use on tinted glass, plastics and rubber. It can be used by spraying on and then wiped in using a clean microfibre cloth. It is suitable for all types of glass.
  • AutoSmart Glass Glow: If you want a deep cleaning cream glass polish which really cleans up those stubborn stains like silicone deposits, cigarette tar and other tough stains, then AutoSmart’s Glass Glow is the way to go. It has easy application and removal with no dusting. Glass glow is easy to use and can be done by just putting a 20 cent size drop on a cloth or applicator to apply onto the windscreen or window. Rub into the window until the cloth moves with ease, then follow by the buffing the residue off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Having your windows and windscreen wiped and cleaned in the shade:

Summers in Melbourne can be really hot and there’s nothing worse than the cleaning spray drying up before the microfiber cloth reaches it to clean up your car’s windows or windscreen leaving multiple residues and the screen looking worse than it did before the cleaning.

It is essential to make sure you clean your windscreen and windows in the shade to avoid extreme heat creating a bigger mess of your cleaning duties.

Avoid Slamming the doors of your car:

Slamming the car doors only lead to the vibrating effect being created for the windscreen and windows of your car resulting in tiny chips and cracks in the glass of both. Continuing to slam your car doors can even cause such chips and crack in the glass to expand over a period of time resulting in damage too much to be repaired and in the need of being replaced.

Try to avoid slamming your car door and inculcate the practise of gently closing them. You can double check the doors if you are unsure to avoid slamming them.

Now maintaining the windows and windscreen of your car should be easier than ever with these few tips that will help give your windscreen and windows a longer life.

About the author:

Darren Pay and his team of experts at A1 windscreens pride in providing the best services that range from windscreen repair and replacement in Melbourne to glass scratch removal and everything in between.