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How to remove Fallout off your car paintwork

First of all, what is environmental fallout?

Tiny metal particles from industrial sites, trains and even brake dust are part of what is known as environmental fallout. These particles float up and around the air and stick hard and fast on your vehicle’s surfaces.

The heat of the day, heat off your car and even the heat of the metal particles will cause the metal to embed itself into your paint’s clearcoat.

Fallout can be black, or orange and is most noticeable on white, or light colour vehicles. However, if you have a dark car you will be able to feel these metallic particles when you glide your hand over the paintwork or bumper.

Black particles turning brown

Fallout is typically high in iron and will quickly rust on your paintwork turning into orange or brown dots on the surface of your vehicle. The longer the fallout sits on the paint, the mre cprrosive it will become to the overall vehicle appearance.

Iron fallout remover

How to remove Fallout

Try as you might, ordinary car cleaners will not remove fallout from your car, 4WD or Truck’s surface. Luckily, fixing fallout damage is easy with the right product. Specific fallout cleaners such as AutoSmart Red 7 will turn red when it comes into contact with metal particles, confirming that the embedded dots is in fact, fallout.

We recommend the following products for the fastest fallout cleanup:

AutoSmart Red 7

This spray on product requires little effort, simply spray on and watch as the cleaner turns red as it comes into contact with ferrous metals. Complete the cleaning process by washing off with high pressure water.

This highly effective fallout cleaner pH neutral and acid free, making it safe to use on all vehicle surfaces

Clay Bars

AutoSmart Clay Bars are a simple, yet highly effective method of removing light contamination from your car paintwork. The method is simple, just glide a clean clay bar over your surface and it will pick up fine particles embedded in the clear coat.

Does iron remover strip away wax polish?

Yes, fallout removers will rid your vehicle’s surface from iron particles, and it will also remove some of the wax coating. It is a good idea to use a fallout remover just prior to your regular wax application to save time in wax repairs.

While fallout remover such as Red 7 is a very thorough cleaner, it will not cause corrosive damage to your paintwork.