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How to prepare your car for waxing

It’s one of our most asked questions here at Autosmart. How to prepare your car for waxing? And while it may seem like a daunting task, following simple steps will give you an amazing result in look and protection for your paintwork.

A quality car wax such as Carnauba Wax or Platinum Polish leaves an unbelievably deep shine on your paintwork. The thick wax also works to protect the paintwork from the weather, light scratches and premature ageing.

Preparing the paintwork is an important first step in achieving ultimate wax. After all, your artwork will only be as good as its canvas!

Clean your car

The first step to waxing your car is to give your vehicle a thorough clean. Start by rinsing your car thoroughly to loosen dirt and mud. Then, clean your car with high-foam wax-free car shampoo and a microfibre pad. Cleaning one panel at a time, gently clean the paintwork and rinse the pad before dipping into the soapy suds again. Rinse the panel and move on to the next

Decontaminate your vehicle

Decontaminating your paintwork involves the removal of metal particles that may be embedded into your paint. This will often include fine particles of brake dust, tar and other fallout. To do this, spray Red 7 over your paintwork liberally. This chemical will react with the fine metal particles and work to quickly dissolve them. After a short moment, you will notice Red7 turn a purple-red colour as it reacts with the metal. After several minutes, rinse off with clean water

Clay your paintwork

Giving your car paintwork a good clay-over is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, if you are using a clay cloth, then the whole process can be completed in next to no time at all. Claying your car will quickly remove embedded contaminants and leave you with an ultra-smooth surface.

A Clay cloth is effective at removing embedded contaminants on your paint surface prior to waxing

Fix swirling and scratching with a cutting compound

To achieve the ultimate depth and shine, you need to first remedy any minor swirling and scratches on your paintwork. To do this, you will need a quality cutting compound. For minor swirling, we recommend using Evo 1. For light-medium scratches, however, we recommend using the AutoSmart adaptive compound Evo +

Waxing Tips:

Each type of wax will have its own application instructions. For the purpose of this article, we will share a few car wax tips that will ensure incredible results, regardless of the wax type

  • Clean your car thoroughly before waxing
  • If possible, keep the car in the shade when applying the wax
  • Apply sparingly. While it is tempting to think that more is best, the opposite is true.
  • Use a clean, dry microfibre cloth or applicator to apply the wax. This will ensure a smooth and lint-free application

So you now have all the professional tips on How to prepare your car for waxing. If you are looking at investing into a clay cloth to decontaminate the paint surface prior to waxing, this article will help you know how to get the most effective cleaning with a clay cloth

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