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How to keep your car looking new

If you’ve recently bought a new car, you have more than likely wondered how you can keep it looking and feeling as new as the day you bought it home. There are some obvious things you can do to keep it looking good; such as being careful how close you park to other cars and driving safely on the roads. But there are other things you can do to keep it looking good. If you just leave a car alone without taking care of it, the paint will start to fade and it will begin to look old. But if you actively try to make it look good with some love and attention you can make that new look and smell last for years. Here are some tips for things you can be doing to keep your car looking new:

Remove bird droppings immediately

If you see some bird droppings on your car, don’t leave them until the next time your car is due for a wash. It is best to get rid of them immediately. When they are left for too long, the poop can set and become harder to remove. To get it off, you might have to scrub harder, risking the chance of scratching the paint. It can also permanently stain the paintwork if you leave it on long enough. Simply wash the droppings off with water as soon as you notice them.

Park carefully

Aside from avoiding parking too close to other cars in the supermarket car park, there are some other things you should avoid when parking your car. Steer clear of overhanging trees. During the day the trees will be full of birds that will leave droppings all over your car, and at night it might have possums who will do the same. Leaving it out on the street unprotected too often will also leave it exposed to the elements such as sunlight, rain and damaging winds.

Wash your car

Give your car a good wash and shine on a regular basis. Be sure to include it as part of your routine, whether it’s weekly or monthly. Forgetting to keep up to date with the washing can result in the paint job fading over time. There is also the risk that any dust or dirt that has built up might scratch the paint when it does finally get a wash, or if there is a downpour when the car is super dirty. Before you start washing your car, give it a quick once over to make sure there are no bird droppings or other stains on the paintwork. If there are, remove them gently with water before you start on the actual wash. This will help stop any accidental scratching once you are in the full swing of washing the car.

Do DIY washes

Although it’s tempting when you’re a bit stretched for time, don’t take your car through a car wash. The swirling brushes are too harsh on cars and will often leave marks on the paintwork. Not only are the bristles a bit too hard with their swirling motions, but they are usually not cleaned between washes and become full of dirt, sand, grit and debris that will be wiped across your car when you go through.

Even using car washes where the people do the wash by hand are not as good as doing it at home. They go through so many cars in a day that the sponges and brushes become dirty in no time, and the attendants just end up rubbing a dirty brush over your paintwork. The same for the drying towels, which can accumulate dirt and grit which then gets rubbed over your car like sandpaper.

Use protection

When you buy a new car you will be offered various forms of protection from the dealer, such as paint protection and leather protection. While you don’t necessarily have to buy the protection from the dealer, it is something you should look into getting. Treatments that are designed to protect your car will keep it looking new for years longer than if you left it open to the elements. You can also buy DIY products that will help protect your car for longer, both inside and out. If you use these products often you will keep the car looking new for as long as possible.

Give it a polish

As well as protection treatments, you should also use a good wax for new cars. This adds another level of protection for your paint as well as making it look great. You should try to polish your car twice a year, once before winter and once before summer. Over time, the wax will break down meaning the car will not have as much protection so it is best to reapply before the major change of seasons.

Use a high quality polish with a proper applicator, and don’t rush it. Just do one panel at a time and remove the wax with a clean cloth to be sure not to scratch the paint.

Inside clean

Don’t just focus on how the outside looks, keep the interior clean as well. Remove rubbish and wrappers in case they have leftover food inside that may melt all over your flooring or seats. Having a no food policy is your best bet, but if that isn’t possible and something does get spilled be sure to clean it immediately. Don’t give spilt food or drink a chance to set into the material or you may never be able to undo the damage.