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How thick should I apply Car Polish?

When polishing it is important to apply enough polish using the AutoSmart applicator pad so that you can just see it, when it hazes. The hazing is still easily spreadable, work the polish in a circular direction working in all directions.

Most of the polish you apply will be wiped off with a when you remove the excess with an AutoSmart microfiber cloth. Applying a thicker coat of polish only achieves one thing, you waste your money.

The only way to achieve a thicker coat of polish is to use a product like Autosmart’s Wax and perform multiple thin layers. Repeated applications will create multiple layers and hence a thicker coating of wax.

AutoSmart offer 4 types of polishes for your car.

Platinum – is a premium polymer wax polish for quality and new paintwork. It has a technically advanced formula that leaves a thick long lasting protective polymer coating. This coating bonds to the vehicle surface, making it weather resistant and giving the paintwork a long lasting deep shine. Platinum is suitable for use on all paint types including metallic and is versatile enough for hand or machine use. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.

Mirror Image – Is a premium wax polish design for use on all used paintwork. It restores, cleans and waxes in one simple ‘on & off’ process leaving a long lasting shine. Mirror Image contains fine cutters to remove small imperfections & blemishes. Also features solvent cleaners to remove any built up grime and staining on the surface.This polish can restore up to 3 year old paint. Mirror Image leaves an advanced polymer protective coating. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.

Cherry Glaze – is the fastest and easiest to use polish on the market. Rapid and easy to apply and remove, Cherry Glaze is a spray able car polish that leaves a weather resistant polymer coating on your paintwork. It also incorporates easy-glide technology for fast results which leave a high gloss finish to your vehicle. Cherry Glaze fast dry formulation dries extremely quickly saving time for you. Its low dust formulation will not mark trim.

Wax – is the ultimate in shine and protection. It is made from a highly concentrated blend of 4 carefully selected premium grade waxes including Candelilla and Carnauba. It is highly durable, leaving a deep shine that lasts for months and having exceptional beading properties, whilst protecting the vehicle from harsh UV light. Hard Wax is also chemically resistant and due to its hardness stands up to the friction of sailing through sea water or simply driving better than any other polish. AutoSmart Hard Wax Polish does not contain abrasives or water.

What you will need for this job:

Microfibre Cloth

• Applicator Pad

• Your desired polish

Professional detailer’s Tip:

Always apply polish onto cool dry paint, never polish a car in direct sunlight. The heat will dry the polish quickly making it hard to remove.

• Always wash the vehicle before polishing, this removes contaminates and prevents paint work damage.

Asses the vehicle surface before polishing, does it need to be clay bared?