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Has my clay bar removed all the contaminants?

How do I know if I have removed all of the contaminants off my car with a clay bar?

After using the clay bar on your vehicle, which will have now removed pollution, fallout, bug squash and heavy traffic film, it is important to check if we have removed all desired contamination.

Typically, we use the tips of our fingers to feel for any residual contamination, this will be present as a rough and gritty vehicle surface. Whilst this is effective, metal-based fallout can be embedded and not easily felt. We remove this embedded metal fallout by misting Red 7 over the panels. Any metal fallout missed will show as red dots which form when Red 7 reacts with the fallout as it break it down, removing it from the paintwork.

These red dots will provide you with an indication as to where we need to continue using the clay bar/cloth.

The Autosmart Clay Cloths are an easy solution to stubborn, hard to remove surface contaminants and traffic film residues. They are an exciting and innovative technology aimed at reducing the time and effort required to remove these contaminants, bringing your vehicles surface back to its best.
Featuring a Microfibre cloth base bonded to an advanced polymer clay compound, these high quality cloths will easily outperform their clay bar predecessors, with the added benefit of being completely washable and reusable.

What you will need for this job

Microfibre Cloth

Clay bar or clay cloth

• Clay lubricant product

Professional’s Tip –

• Always prep the vehicle prior to using a clay bar by thoroughly washing. If the vehicle is heavily soiled with contaminates, it may require two washes!

• Always use a clay lubricant (eg. A mild detergent, Golden Touch, Clay Lube, etc)

• Always wipe over or wash the vehicle again after using the clay bar or cloth