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Don’t Forget to Clean your Seat belt

Cleaning a Seatbelt is often neglected. What is the best way to get your seatbelt looking like new again?

Because the seat belt is coiled up and hidden away, it is an area often missed for cleaning.

Due to the seat belt rubbing across our skin, hands and arms, it can be an extremely dirty area and source of odour. Using a multi-purpose cleaner and an extraction vacuum is a great way to clean this neglected area. But what if you don’t have a wet vacuum?

A great way to clean seat belts is to pull the belt out as far as it can be drawn then close the door on the belt, leaving the belt outside the vehicle. Once outside the vehicle, spray the belt with a multi-purpose cleaner leave for a minute and pressure spray the contaminants out of the belt. Watch the grease and oils run. Not only will this clean the belt but retraction of the belt will improve as well.

AutoSmart Multi Purpose Cleaner is solvent and caustic free with a citrus fragrance and is an aggressive hard surface interior cleaner. It is capable of removing tar from vehicle head-linings, stains from vinyl/plastic/fabric and carpets and much more. AutoSmart Multi Purpose Cleaner is used for degreasing and oil stain removal. It is our most versatile cleaner.

AutoSmart Silicone Spray is a medium to high gloss silicone spray aerosol dressing with a choice of pleasant fragrances. Ideal for all interior vinyl and plastic trim.

What you will need for this job:

Microfibre Cloth

AutoFresh or Silicone Spray

Multi Purpose Cleaner

Professional’s Tip –

• Applying silicone spray to your seatbelt will help it retract freely and adds a fresh scent