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5 ways to keep your car looking brand spanking new

Here’s the deal, regardless whether you use your car for business of pleasure with all the various products on the market to keep it looking new.

The best bit, is that its not as hard as you think to keep that new-car lustre that turns heads. Here’s our top five tips:

1. Keep your car garaged where possible

While almost in escapable, the outdoor elements are to blame for most damage that occurs to your paint surface. Rain, road pollution and the sun all cause paint oxidisation, an eventual dulling of the paint, whereby the top clear coat deteriorated exposing causing patches of paint to be exposed.

Garaging your car reduces the paint weathering, and will help your car to retain it’s lustre. Can’t park it in a garage or carport? Shade is your best next option, reducing Ultra-Violet rays from breaking down you clear coat. This will also help to stop the odd bird poop and tree sap from being baked into your clear coat

Rest assured, if you are already noticing that your paint has begun to fade, or is not as vibrant as it once was this can be fixed with a quality cutting compound and wax polish

Wash your car regularly to protect the paint surface

2. Clean car regularly

Going for extended periods between cleans may cause dirt to bond with the clear coat. Gently cleaning off dust, grime and residue will help to keep your paintwork in new condition.

And by clean, we mean hand clean. While it is tempting to whip through an automatic cleaner on your way home from work, the harsh chemicals, recycled water and brushed can caused a lot more damage to your paintwork than good. Our tip, use a PH balanced car shampoo and a clean soft microfibre cloth.

3. Use the right cleaning tools

Traditionally, cleaning the car was a family activity involving soapy dishwater, big thick sponges and lots of soapy fun! Today, we know that to preserve that new-car paint finish we need to swap ou the big sponges for a microfibre cloth and the dishwater for a quality ph-neutral car shampoo.

Big car sponges hold lots of water, unfortunately they also hold tiny particles of dirt that are difficult to rinse out. Dirt particles stay in the sponge, causing light swirling and scratches when cleaning the car. We recommend using microfibre cloths. Not only can they hold large amount of water they also rinse well.

PH-neutral car cleaners are the safest choice for when cleaning your car. A quality car wash will clean off dirt without damaging the wax coating.

Remove scratches and blemishes for a new car look

4. Scratches be gone

You do not have to put up with scratches on blemishes an your car paint. By applying a quality cutting compound, you can quickly even out the paint and restore the shine.

5. Get a deep shine

Some people are always trying to replicate that new car smell, yet it is the enviable new car shine that will turn heads. To achieve this you will need a wax polish that offers a hardened finish. Not only will this give you a deep shine, it was also protect offer greater protection to your paintwork

For best results: Once you have removed swirls and scratches using a cutting compound, apply a quality polish to add shine and armour.