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10 Gifts for the Car Lover

Do you have a car enthusiast in your life? Someone who is at their happiest when they are tinkering on cars, or talking about them or looking at new ones? Well good news, we have your Christmas covered! Read on for some ideas on what to buy the person in your life who is nuts about cars, to show you are nuts about them:

1. The perfect coffee table book

If they aren’t outside working on the car, the next best thing for a car lover is to be looking at beautiful pictures of them instead. The Porsche: Origin of the Species coffee table book is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates glossy photos mixed with interesting facts. Along with other stories, this book details the journey that lead to the creation of one of the earliest Porsches, which happens to be owned by Jerry Seinfeld who also wrote the foreword for the book.

2. Cleaning products

When they aren’t happily driving their car, you will probably find your car lover washing and detailing it on the front lawn. What better than to give them a gift that they will truly appreciate – a car cleaning pack. At AutoSmart Retail you can choose from a variety of value packs, starting at just $55. We’ve made it easy to simply pick one that has been carefully put together by the team. Additionally, you can custom make your own by choosing from our extensive range of AutoSmart Car Detailing Products.

3. Dashcam

A dashcam is a perfect idea for someone who spends a lot of time on the road. The Garmin Dash Cam is a high definition driving recorder with GPS. It also has helpful driver alerts and warnings such as collision warning, red light warning and speed camera alerts. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the Incident Detection will automatically save footage, so there is always a reliable eye-witness to anything that is happening on the road.

4. Coffee mug

Are you looking for a gift for the office Kris Kringle? This perfectly priced mug will satisfy any coffee-loving car enthusiast.

The Ferrari Cavallino Rampante mug ($25) is made in an understated black instead of the usual bright red, which makes it a little different to other Ferrari collectibles. Behind the stallion logo, the mug is adorned with pictures of a variety of engine components.

5. Hot lap

A truly unique gift for the racing fans, a hot lap at Bathurst is an experience they will never forget. There are several options to choose from, and all come with different price points.

You can buy them a hot lap where they are the driver of the car, which comes with tuition before taking the wheel and an in-car coach for the four laps of the circuit. Alternatively, you could get them a hot lap where they are the passenger in either the front or rear seat while a professional racing driver takes them for a spin.

6. Tool set

For the kind of car enthusiast who loves to restore cars and spends hours fixing up engines. Or perhaps even for someone who has always talked about it but hasn’t yet started. Give them a set like the Kincrome Supatool 174-piece toolset that will aid them in their tinkering in the garage for hours on end.

7. Office racing chair

For the weekend car nut with the weekday office job, this present will keep their mind on their true passion while they are working. The Belleza Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat Office Chair is an office chair that has been fitted with a racing-style bucket seat, so it looks cool and feels better. Just don’t be surprised if you find them racing around the office or making revving noises at their desk.

8. Lego car

The Lego Caterham Seven 620R, featuring 771 bricks of fun, is for people who love sports cars.

In real life, this car can run from zero to sixty in under three seconds flat. Sound impressive? The next best thing to owning one for real is to have a Lego model to lovingly restore. Once finished, keep it on the mantel to admire, and perhaps to dream a little.

9. F1 Gear

Did you know that the gears used in an F1 car are only used for one race? Although a lot of hard work and precision goes into making the gearbox, once it has been in one race, the lifespan is up. The good news is, you can buy the gears along with a certificate of authenticity, and they make great gifts for people who love Formula One racing. The gears can be used for all manner of things, from being a nice display on the office desk to being crafted into a clock.

There are a few styles of cufflinks you can choose between if you are looking for something for your car lover. There are cufflinks with the logos of their favourite cars stamped onto them, or ones with a shift pattern to help them always feel like they are on the road. They will never complain about dressing up again if they have these cufflinks to put on.