Top 3 steps to polish chrome on cars and bikes

One of the top exterior questions is how to polish chrome on cars and bikes.

Luckily, we have the answer to achieve a mirror finish on your chrome and help it stay that way for longer.

Top 4 steps to polish chrome on cars and bikes

The best part is everything you need to get the best chrome shine for cars and bikes is available here at AutoSmart Retail.

It is important to polish and protect your chrome accents on the car or bike. By looking after it, you add years of life to the chrome plating surface. If you give the chrome surface a quick three-step polish and protection once every month it will look fantastic also. Additionally, regular polishing of chrome plate helps to prevent rust and oxidisation.

How to polish chrome in 3 easy steps

How to get the best chrome shine?

Once you have the items in the list below, follow the simple two-step process below to achieve the best chrome shine ever!
The total time stated below would be for the front and rear bumpers on a car. Please allow more time if you have additional chrome trims or tricky parts on a motorcycle.

Total Time Needed :



Things Needed?

Autosmart Purple Stuff
Autosmart Stardust
-Autosmart Smart Wash
-two microfibre cloths
-sponge or chamois
-drying towel

Three Steps to the best chrome shine and protection:

Step 1

Put instructed dilution of Smart Wash into a bucket with water. Insert and wet sponge or chamois and wash the bumpers. If the bumpers are not very soiled, you can just use a wet microfibre cloth to remove surface particles. Allow to dry or use a chamois or drying cloth.

Step 2

Apply a small amount of purple stuff to your microfibre cloth and in a circular motion hand buff the chrome bumper. Apply additional Purple stuff as required. Once buffed, wipe any residue off the chrome.

Step 3

Spray the bumper liberally with Stardust Instant Polish and Dressing. Wipe to remove excess.

This is the method of Car Enthusiasts and showrooms who use the AutoSmart Brand of cleaners and polishing liquids.

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