Cutting Compound Buyers guide

Cutting compound is also known as a polish or rubbing compound. Available in a paste-like formula containing varying grades of fine cutters that gently buff away scratches on your car paintwork. Our compounding and polishing products are free of silicone and ammonia making them suitable for all paint finishes. They also contain no fillers that may mask imperfections.

An AutoSmart Cutting compound will take your car from scratch to shine by:

  • Revive paintwork, removing oxidation that gives the paintwork a dull appearance
  • Buff out scratches and swirl marks
  • Remove blemishes in the paintwork

Applying the correct cutting compound on the paintwork will polish out these imperfections, revealing the fresh, unblemished paint beneath.

Use our cutting compound buyers guide to help you select the right product for your car paint surfaces.

AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound

Evo + Adaptive Cutting Compound

Evo+ adaptive medium cutting compound removes scratches, swirls and paint correction.
Very safe start. Will give you a light cut, or you can continue for a heavier cut, depending on pad hardness.
Suitable for buffing machines

Evo+ adaptive cutting compound compare
Evo+ Cutting Compound Results
Suitable For:
Scratch Removal
Flatting and paper marks
Remove paint defects
Paint correction
Also finishes to remove hologram and compound marks
  • Adaptive technology saves you time. Medium cutters break down to become ultra-fine cutters, turning 2-3 polishing steps into 1
  • Contains a higher level of lubrication to reduce the risk of surface damage
  • Leaves a glossy surface
  • For older cars, or cars requiring paint correction
AutoSmart Evo 1 Fine Cutting Compound for car paintwork

Evo 1 Fine Cutting Compound

A 2 in 1 cut and polish. Contains fine cutters to remove light swirling and fix holograms in the paint.
Gentle paint correction. Suitable for use with a soft pad on random orbital buffing machines. Quality fine finishing cutter

AutoSmart Evo 1 fine cutting compound results
Evo 1 Cutting Compound Results
Suitable for:
Fine Finishing
Hologram removal
Remove compound marks
Remove light scratches
Fixes fine blemishes
Light swirl marks
Corrects loss of colour vibrancy
  • Contains fine cutters for a light polish
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all paint colours
  • Ideal for hand or machine use
  • Choose this for newer cars, or paint in moderate condition
Sophisticut medium cutting compound

Sophisticut Medium Cutting Compound

For a deeper paintwork renovation, Choose Sophisticut Medium cutting compound. Easily buffs out scratches, deep marring and flatting marks. Corrects paint to a high gloss.
Use with a medium to firm buffing pad for machine use.

Sophisticut Medium Cutting Compound
Sophisticut Results
Suitable for:
Scratch removal,
Flatting and paper marks,
Remove paint defects,
Removal of deep marring,
Paint correction where de-nibbing has been carried out
Removal of water/acid etching
Restores paint vibrancy
  • Medium cutting compound
  • Contains less lubrication to allow for heavier cutting, but water can be added
  • High gloss finish
  • Best choice for older cars to revive paintwork and remove scratching/ oxidation

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