Car Wax Buyers Guide

This buying guide will help you select the best car wax for your car. A quality wax will not only give your car paintwork a gleaming shine, it also offers protection against the elements. Our quality AutoSmart Wax Polish will:

  • Give you a deep shine
  • Create a beading effect when wet
  • Shed dust and dirt easily
  • Enhances colour
  • Protects against the weather elements.

Each wax polish will offer different properties with various longevity. Our car wax buying guide aims to help you choose the right polish for your vehicle

car wax buying guide
AutoSmart Carnauba Hard Wax Polish

Carnauba Hard Wax

Our most protective wax sealant with a wet-look finish. Concentrated blend of 4 waxes including Carnauba and Cardelilla Wax for the ultimate in shine and protection.

Carnauba wax polish results
Carnauba Hard Wax
  • Our most protective wax
  • Gives a jewel-like finish
  • Chemically resistant
  • Protects your paint from UV light
  • Long-last shine. Expect around 12 months of longevity
  • Easy to apply on new vehicles or paintwork recently polished
AutoSmart Express Wax aerosol

Express Wax

Express Wax gives your car a hard-wearing seal that acts as an invisible second skin. Think of Express Wax as a Ceramic Coating alternative, thanks to its long lasting finish

Autosmart express aerosol wax results
Express Wax Results
  • The Ceramic Paint Protection Alternative
  • Wet-look gloss
  • Protects paintwork from the harsh effects of sun, snow, rain and ice
  • Easy to apply on good quality paintwork
  • Lasts at least 4 months
  • Amazing price point
AutoSmart Platinum Wax Sealant

Platinum Wax

Platinum Polymer Blend Wax sets to a hard, protective finish with a deep shine. Weather resistant coating. Ideal for new cars, or paint corrected vehicles.

AutoSmart Platinum Wax results
AutoSmart platinum wax
  • Thick formulation that leaves a hardened finish
  • Ideal for new cars and cars with corrected paintwork
  • Weather Resistant
  • Protects paintwork
  • Quick application
  • Premium car wax
AutoSmart Mirror Image restorative polish and wax for your car

Mirror Image

AutoSmart Mirror Image restores paintwork to a brilliant shine. Contains very fine cutters to remove small imperfections

AutoSmart Mirror Image wax and polish for cars results
Mirror Image Results
  • Fine cutters buff away light oxidation and minor imperfections
  • Restores, cleans and waxes in one
  • Ideal for used paintwork
  • Polymer wax that is weather resistant
AutoSmart Cherry Glaze fast wax sealant

Cherry Glaze Rapid

Cherry Glaze suits rapid application. Wax your whole car in under 5 minutes. High gloss, high performance fast wax

AutoSmart cherry glaze rapid car wax
Cherry Glaze Results
  • Adds a thin polymer coating in minutes
  • Easy to apply, spray on and wipe off application
  • Showroom shine
  • Removes fingerprints
  • Ideal as a PDI polish
AutoSmart Golden Touch  liquid protector polish for carsspray on wax

Golden Touch

Spray on final finish polish that delivers a deep shine to your vehicle. Suitable for new and used cars.

autosmart golden touch detailers spray
Golden Touch Results
  • One step polish
  • Fast application
  • Long-lasting weather shield protection
  • Enhances and maintains gloss
  • Use also to top up ceramic coatings
  • Deep gleaming shine
AutoSmart tpoz hybrid car polish

Topaz Hybrid

AutoSmart Topaz Hybrid is a polymer wax polish that delivers unrivalled gloss and protection.
Revives dull paintwork

autosmart topaz hybrid polymer wax results
Mirror Image Results
  • Unrivalled Gloss
  • Contains additives to intensify faded paint colour
  • Long lasting protection
  • Rapid application
AutoSmart AquaSeal Rapid Ceramic SIO2 hose on sealant

AquaSeal Ceramic Sio2

AquaSeal Ceramic Sio2 is a simple spray on car protectant with Sio2 Ceramic. Give your vehicle a long-lasting, enviable gloss.

autosmart golden touch detailers spray
AquaSeal Ceramic Results
  • Fast spray-on application
  • Contains Sio2 ceramic
  • Deep gloss
  • Long-lasting car protection
  • Amazing shine

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